If you think 4 Days Run-Through of World-Renowned Regions tour is not enough for you, and you need a short but more comprehensive trip in Turkey, you would be better off reading below.

On 2-day tour in Istanbul, you will have not only old city tour on the district known as Sultanahmet on the eastern tip of a small peninsula that for centuries was the location of imperial glory of two different empires, but also have a cruise on the mythical waters of Bosphorus watching two continents, where the city of Istanbul sits astride, decorated with palaces, pavilions, yalis which are sprinkled along both banks of the Bosphorus.

In Cappadocia, the first day trip, with the popular places, will make you capture the very essence of this astonishingly beautiful region.  

After getting over the jaw-dropping experience of the first day, the second day takes you to the best valleys of the area which are perfect for walking and panorama. Next up, you will get under the skin of this Land of Beautiful Horses, not figuratively.

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