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What is Glamping?

First, as a pearl hidden in the tourism sector, we can talk about “what is Glamping?”we can start with a preliminary information such as.
A concept consisting of a combination of the English words ”glamour” (attraction) and ”camping”, which means more than just a beautiful tent. It comes to the fore as one of the ways to ensure this, when it is not enough to just look at the nature in which you want to live from afar. It allows you to experience unique destinations in nature with preferred comfort.
We can call this accommodation format a place where modern and luxury meet with magnificent nature. It offers an experience that will not require you to compromise your comfort while experiencing wildlife and unique corners of nature. Glamping is an indispensable tourist nature activity for anyone who likes to be one with nature, who can sleep, play, eat and live in nature rather than be at home. Being in nature may not always be very comfortable and easy, but anyone who loves natural life also loves its difficulties. In short, leaving the comfort of home behind, sleeping on the floor, cooking outside, and nothing to do is difficult for this audience. The concept of Glamping was to mold in luxury tree and tent houses, allowing true nature lovers to buy some more luxurious tents and equipment, which would make their experience more comfortable.
But it has now become much more than that. He found a different current in tourism and a separate place as a method of escape to nature. We can interpret the concept of Glamping as a current in tourism, which removes the disadvantages of the camp in the middle. Comfortable tents, where every need is met, no different from a hotel room deployed in nature, are located in the category of glamping in tree houses.

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